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Extraordinary Ones

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Game overview

Join the adventure in S15 Season with a new Synchron Training System! Fight for the body of Synchron, explore off-the-wall fun, use wacky items, and awaken your true powers.

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Introducing the S15 Season and Synchron Training System for Extraordinary Ones, the whimsical and manga-style 5v5 battle game by NetEase! Embark on an exciting adventure filled with battles and first-person narrative.

In Disparate Sync - Vein Released, players must converge the different forces of Red Spider Lily to awaken the body of the powerful "Synchron." This can be achieved by engaging in battles to unlock Synchron's full potential.

Get ready for all-new S15 skin with Big B's Bear Charge season. The Academy Arena awaits players who seek glory and excitement.

Celebrate the game's 3rd anniversary with legendary deities and mythical demons in Esper City, featuring superpowers that will take your gaming experience to new heights. With a charming and humorous storyline, hilarious battles, and heroes that can bond with players through Rapport, this game is guaranteed to crack you up from start to finish.

Experience off-the-wall fun with mold-breaking characters like Raby, who has inexplicably turned into a muscular hunk that can carry Chang'e, and Coderella, a gifted hacker with lots of energy. Academy-style battlefields with unique mechanisms, skill effects, and witty bullet comments add to the game's whimsical feel. There's never a dull moment in this manga world.

Newly added to the game is the Amazing Items feature, which lets players wield a vast array of wacky items that can shift the battle's tide. Items like the Haste Effect and Golden Fist can make a significant difference in a match, while other limited items that are randomly obtained can restore your HP or deal massive damage to your opponents.

Heroes get to awaken their true potential once they reach Lv.12. With the Awaken system, players can obtain unique bonuses that enhance their skills, allowing for new and exciting features like instant CD refreshes and awakened gear. Even minions and jungle mobs get bonuses, making the final stages of the game even more intense.

Rapport with your favorite hero, develop their hidden posture and unlock exclusive skins, emojis, and voices as you battle and interact with them. Get closer to your heroes and discover what it takes to succeed in Extraordinary Ones.
NetEase Games
Release date
Jan 15, 2020

Gameplay & Streams

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