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Explore a unique world, customize your character with skills and items, overcome monsters and traps. Play for free or unlock the full game for 120+ hours of gameplay.

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Exiled Kingdoms is an exciting Action-RPG exclusively designed for solitary players who see the world as their playground. The game's isometric perspective takes inspiration from some of the best classic role-playing games, bringing back the old-school vibe to the present with remarkable challenges, intricate decisions with significant consequences, and a well-established game system with divergent paths to reinforce characters.

Embark on a journey of unlimited possibilities by exploring a world left uncovered for you to discover. Seek answers from hundreds of non-player characters, each with a unique conversation, and solve numerous quests. Personalize your character's abilities by selecting from dozens of skills and hundreds of different equipment to overcome the brutal unforgiving foes strategically with the appropriate weapons and powers. Sample the good old dungeon crawl as you look out for dangers behind every twist and turn, such as critical traps and hidden doors.

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Play for free with two character choices, Warrior or Rogue, to appreciate 30 territories, 29 quests (partially completable), and around 30 hours of exciting gameplay with a level cap appropriate to the available areas. For an immersive experience worth over 120 hours of playtime, the full version is available as a single in-app purchase that unlocks everything, including access to Iron-man mode (permadeath), the Cleric, and Mage classes without requiring further micor-transactions. The full version features 146 territories, 97 quests, over 400 dialogues, amounting to a word count of 130,000.

Story Introduction: A Dark Tale and a Brave New World

Over a century ago, the Andorian Empire disintegrated in a magical disaster, unleashing The Horrors into the world, which led to the near extinction of humanity. Amidst the chaos, thousands fled in ships towards the Imperial Colony of Varannar, an unexplored island teeming with danger. In their botched efforts to elect a new Emperor, mistrust and accusations became rife, leading to the declaration of the four Exiled Kingdoms.

In the present, the rump kingdoms continually face increasingly difficult times as they battle to stay alive in a harsh land, often at war against each other. The Empire and The Horrors are now bedtime stories and legends. You are a fledgling adventurer who hardly pays attention to these ancient tales, instead grappling with recent hardships and lack of funds.

However, luck seems to be shining down on you. You received a letter from New Garand, stating that you are the only benefactor of a lucrative inheritance. While you have no recollection of any kin in the Capital of the Kingdom of Varsilia, such a beneficial opportunity isn't worth missing. An unexpected journey to New Garand uncovers numerous surprises, including how fairytales and legends could become a stunning reality.

Important Permissions Information:

The game requests internet access to interface with Google Play Games. Access to your device's storage is necessary to export your saved games to a file or cloud. The game remains fully functional, but you won't access these options if you refuse these permissions post-installation.
Release date
Dec 20, 2015
Single player



this is what genre of game i was finding for 5 years of finding games like this im so so so happy i rate it infinite

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Gameplay & Streams

Exiled Kingdoms - Level 100 Warrior vs ForsakenEvil Watermelon
Exiled Kingdoms - Level 100 Archer Rogue invades VarsiliaEvil Watermelon
Exiled Kingdoms - Lv.12 Iron Man, Killing Kalagru speedrun (8h 39m) [PR]Evil Watermelon
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