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Assist units to defeat virtual enemies in Exception by programming different types of units while unearthing a cyber world's secrets.

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Get ready to immerse yourself in a world of AI programming with Exception, where the player must deploy strategic thinking to aid their units in demolishing their enemies in a virtual world. The twist? Rather than controlling units directly, players control them by programming them accordingly.

As a single-player game, Exception challenges players to think critically about their strategy and program different types of units to conquer each level. The role of operator 159 is to oversee and maintain the omnipotent system, but as perfect as it may seem, a program exception shoots up, followed by a peculiar request.

Discover the surprise lurking beneath the surface of this enthralling virtual realm.

With an ultimate goal of a 100% success rate, players have strategic options to optimize each level with a personalized coding approach. Through each successfully completed stage, you can already feel the rush of adrenaline and satisfaction in programming and strategizing the most effective solutions.

Join the revolution of code monkeys that change the world and reach out to support@kunpo.cc with any inquiries. Exception awaits you.
Release date
Dec 14, 2018

Gameplay & Streams

Exception Game Review | (Nintendo Switch/PS4/Xbox/PC)Luis Alamilla
exception(同人版)heavy 303613ptsむんべ ちゃんねる
Exception Game Review (PC / Steam / iOS)Table 53
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