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Evochron Mobile is an open-world space simulation game featuring combat, trade, exploration, and survival gameplay with real-time tactical flight strategy.

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Evochron Mobile is an advanced and open-ended space flight simulator game that allows the player to focus on combat, exploration, trade, and survival gameplay. The player can manage spacecraft and make their own decisions in a vast seamless universe. It has been designed to offer a light and easy user interface suitable for smaller touch screens and lower resource overhead to support mobile devices. With multiple activities to choose from including buying, trading, racing, escorting, mining, exploring, and designing or upgrading ships, players will never run out of choices.

Evochron Mobile is not a story or character-based game, rather it is a technical flight simulator that does not limit players to plot requirements or pre-selected character roles. Players have control over gameplay and the role they play in the game universe. Players' decisions and actions define their role in the game and establish reputation, wealth, and ranking. The game emphasizes real-time tactical gameplay strategy and flight simulation for both combat and non-combat objectives. Players can control their ship in open space, including player-controlled combat, and planetary descents.

The game features full six-axis freedom of movement control (6DOF) in open space providing roll, pitch, yaw, horizontal/vertical strafe, and forward/reverse. Additionally, the Newtonian-style physics system allows for drifting and sliding maneuvers. The game provides player-directed freeform sandbox gameplay, and its intended design is one of space combat flight simulation first, with many individual smaller activities to perform as part of an overall freeform sandbox structure.

Evochron Mobile offers players over 30 ship frames to choose from, including 20 civilian and a dozen military designs. Players can configure the frame of their choice for the role they want to perform and upgrade it for expanding combat, exploration, trading, mining, and performance potential. Players can select their starting role and faction. Their starting role establishes the location, ship, and credits they start with.

Players can explore and conduct business in a vast seamless universe, flying from planet to planet and star system to star system without any in-game loading screens. They can even descend into planet atmospheres to land at city trade stations or mine valuable materials, and escape to nebula clouds for sensor cover or hide in asteroid fields for protection.

Evochron Mobile provides players with three weapon classes: beam weapons, particle cannons, and secondary missiles or equipment. Beam weapons move at the speed of light and do not require target leading; they are most effective against shields and mostly reflect off the ship hulls. Particle cannons fire high-energy projectiles at high speed, can be effective against shields and ship hulls, but require leading a target for intercepting. Additionally, missiles are mounted on secondary hardpoints and vary in speed, agility, and yield.

Finally, the game offers expandable gameplay and location-based difficulty selection. As players upgrade their ship and acquire new equipment items, they will be able to complete new contract types and earn higher profit. At the beginning of the game, they can stay in safer systems, then travel to new locations for higher profit potential and more challenging combat opportunities.

Please Note: This is an experimental project, and it's future is uncertain. Early access versions will be used to determine interest and viability for the game in the mobile device market. Support and interest will determine potential future development and/or availability on Google Play.
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