EVE: War of Ascension

EVE: War of Ascension

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Game overview

Take control of the galaxy in mobile MMO EVE Online: War of Ascension. Explore, conquer, and upgrade your personal space station to dominate and defend.

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Get ready to explore a whole new dimension of the EVE Online galaxy like never before. Take a bold step into the unknown and venture into the unexplored regions of the galaxy, discovering valuable resources and revolutionary innovative technology. You'll need to amass a massive fleet of ships stationed at your very own command center to take control of the various outposts and valuable territories. Choose your friends carefully and your enemies even more so, for you'll be battling it out to reach the top with your corporation by your side!


ā˜† An Authentic Mobile MMO Experience ā˜†

Link up with hundreds of other players and explore all corners of the star map! Establish crucial connections and forge alliances in order to crush your deadliest foes!

ā˜† Rule the Galaxy ā˜†

Commandeer, loot and occupy the outposts and control the most coveted regions in the galaxy. Partner up with your corporation to defend your valuable resources or to plan a daring heist.

ā˜† Unlock Powerful Specialties ā˜†

Choose to specialize in the military or technological field of your liking and dominate the galaxy like no other.

ā˜† Design Your Own Order ā˜†

Direct your resources to construct and upgrade your own personal station module, amplifying your power and boosting your prestige.

PLEASE NOTE: EVE: War of Ascension is free to play, yet some additional in-game items are available for purchase using actual funds. You can easily disable in-app purchases using your device's settings.

A stable internet connection is needed to play.
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