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In Eve of the Genesis, humans revolt against mechanical rulers in a classic, eight-bit RPG featuring fun battles, flexible character development, and beautiful graphics.

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In the game 'Eve of the Genesis', the players are taken to a world where the Empire of Gadalia, ruled by mechanical beings, controls the humans. It is uncertain how the machines took control over the humans, but it led to a revolt by the human population. This finally resulted in a war between the humans and the machines, where the most powerful destroying machine called 'The Eve of Zero' was created by the machines which ultimately resulted in a stalemate.

2000 years later, players embark on a classic RPG adventure that is simple and easy to play. With old-style graphics, the dungeons are challenging and full of traps that need to be overcome to proceed. The characters keep the old-classic eight-bit style, but it's fascinating to see them beautifully detailed in motion. You'll be delighted with the attention to detail, including fluttering butterflies in towns and reflections in pools and rivers.

Players enjoy flexible character development and simple battles that are easy to control, making the gameplay effortless and enjoyable. By using stronger skills and upgraded gems, players can deal with a plethora of enemies in one go. Easily customizable skills allow players to develop their characters in multiple ways.

Moreover, the record books keep track of the skills and items you have gained, monsters you have encountered, and other achievements during your gameplay. You can even use this record book to check the items you gain when defeating a monster, making the entire gameplay experience much more convenient.

To enjoy the game, make sure to set your device language to English and have second-generation iPhone3GS or later/iPod touch (iOS3.0 or later). The first generation iPhone and iPod touch is not supported.

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Release date
Feb 18, 2011

Gameplay & Streams

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