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Evacuation - Survival Shooter

Game overview

Survive 20 days of zombie apocalypse in an abandoned farm, buy weapons from a trader and learn enemy habits in intense gameplay.

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Zombie Shooter: Evacuation offers a tense and immersive experience set in a world ravaged by a zombie outbreak. The player is tasked with surviving for 20 grueling days until aid finally arrives. In this post-apocalyptic landscape, most humans have turned into ravenous zombies and your mission is to stay alive and sane amongst their constant threat.

As a skilled fighter, you find yourself cutoff from the outside world following the outbreak of a mysterious virus that has swept across the globe. Seeking sanctuary on an abandoned farm, you discover a local merchant willing to trade weapons for a small fee. With the chance of rescue seemingly distant, your fight for survival begins.

The game features an overwhelming sense of dread, placing the player at the center of a hostile world. Experience intense gameplay as you adapt to the ever-evolving habits of your undead adversaries. Destroy endless waves of zombies as you scavenge for resources and upgrade your arsenal.

To survive, you'll need to stay vigilant and make strategic purchases from the local trader, acquiring more powerful weapons and essential supplies. Will you emerge as a hero, or succumb to the zombie horde? The choice is yours.
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