Ethereal Enigma

Game overview

Make a wish at a shrine and summon Erilynn, a princess from another world. Keep her identity secret while searching for answers in this visual novel.

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As our protagonist journeys home from his first day of high school, he stumbles upon a mysterious woman who urges him to make a wish at the local shrine. Despite his initial skepticism, he unwittingly summons Erilynn, a stunning yet audacious princess from another realm. With no idea how she ended up here, our duo must team up and put aside their differences to unravel the mystery at hand.

Now, high school isn't the only thing occupying our protagonist's mind. He must keep Erilynn's true identity a secret while scouring the town for the enigmatic old lady who set this all in motion!

Your Story
Ethereal Enigma offers a choice-driven visual novel experience in a contemporary setting. With countless decisions leading to various outcomes, each playthrough offers a unique personal narrative.

Full Relationship-Sim
Your choices and actions dynamically adjust your relationships with your friends over time. Perhaps a romantic connection will blossom with one of two possible love interests!

Complete Voice Over
Ethereal Enigma boasts a professional English voice cast for all major and minor characters in the game.

Fully Animated Sprites
Ethereal Enigma utilizes Live2DĀ® technology to bring characters to life! Get fully immersed in the story with animated facial expressions and body language.

One Price
There are absolutely no in-app purchases of any kind, including microtransactions, paywalls, energy limits, episodic purchasing, subscriptions or choice restrictions. Ethereal Enigma is an upfront and honest game with a fair price for all content!

Discover the intrigue of Ethereal Enigma, you never know where your journey will end up.
Release date
Aug 19, 2020
Single player

Gameplay & Streams

[Visual Novel] Ethereal Enigma - Kira Ending [Full Playhrough][No Commentary][Part 1 of 2]DEIS11
[Visual Novel] Ethereal Enigma - Erilynn Ending [Full Playhrough][No Commentary][Part 1 of 2]DEIS11
Ethereal Enigma - No Turning Back (OP)PixelFade
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