Eternium: Mage and Minions

Eternium: Mage and Minions

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Game overview

Eternium is an offline mobile Action RPG with intuitive controls, stunning visuals, a great storyline, and tactile combat that can be played for free.

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Eternium is a visually stunning Action RPG game that takes us back to the great classics of its genre. What sets Eternium apart from other mobile Action RPGs is its intuitive controls that allow players to "tap to move" and "swipe to cast" spells, accompanied by a "never pay to win" philosophy.

Players can enjoy Eternium offline after the game download is completed, except for a few online-only features. The draw-sign spell-casting system is simple and gratifying. The tap-to-move feature provides a more natural and calming experience than joystick controls and stays true to the retro point-and-click ARPG concept.

Players can actually play the game for free and over 90% of them do. Gems, which serve as the primary currency, can be acquired by defeating enemies and completing quests. There are no stamina or energy quotas and the best in-game items are acquired by playing, not by paying.

Experience fast-paced and responsive combat, sprinkled with spectacular special effects, captivating sounds, and rewarding statistics, all displayed against breathtaking backdrops and engaging musical scores.

Select a character from three available options: Mage, Warrior or Bounty Hunter; choose your weapon from swords, axes, staves, or guns; and level up to unlock new abilities and improve your attributes.

Combat a variety of enemies, including skeletons, zombies, aliens, automatons, dragons, demons, and many more across four beautifully crafted worlds or in never-ending generated levels.

Embark on a quest that takes you to diverse environments, including caves, dungeons, forests, graveyards, demon-controlled castles, snowy mountains, and even the moon, among craters and canyons. The journey doesn't end there as you explore deserts, pyramids, and jungles of the red planet.

Unlock treasure chests to grab gold, precious stones, and weapons. Choose from a variety of armor like breastplates, helmets or menacing hoods. Accessorize with spiked shoulder pads, mystical cloaks or capes, and protect yourself with a shield.

Recruit tank, healer, and ranger companions who will accompany you in battle. Combine their abilities with yours to create powerful tactical combos.

Enjoy an interesting storyline filled with interplanetary intrigue and entertaining characters. Pursue your arch-enemy, Ragadam, throughout the worlds while trying to unravel his plans.

Upgrade from common to rare, epic, and legendary gear, discover gemstones that fit into your armor sockets, and craft socketed rings and pendants that can be fused to enhance their quality.

Unleash special attacks such as Whirlwind, Shockwave, Arc Lightning or Blizzard, control the enemy crowd with Frost Nova, Vortex, or Silence, or quietly assassinate with Smokescreen, Traps, and Snipes.

Each hero class has around 20 abilities, and each rear-guard has four. The game starts simple but grows to a flurry of tactical potential at high levels.

Once your hero reaches level 70, your experience is converted to a Champion Level, which has no limit and provides steady stat upgrades. Champion Levels are also available to your newly created heroes, saving them time and getting them started quicker.

Aside from four story arcs, players can explore an inexhaustible selection of randomly generated levels in the Trials of Valor game mode.

Eternium is fashioned with passion by a small group of old-school ARPG enthusiasts who love creating games they would enjoy playing themselves.
Making Fun
Release date
Jun 25, 2014

Gameplay & Streams

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