Eternal Ember

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Join Eternal Ember's diablo-style team RPG, explore the vast continent, and fight against monsters. Customize your squad and gear up for battle.

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Looking for a way to level up and get resources for free while interacting with players from all around the world? Come join our official game community and receive incredible rewards on a weekly basis! Click on the provided links to join our [Discord] community and follow us on [FACEBOOK] for more information about the game.

Please note, however, that Eternal Ember is not an offline game.

In this precarious world without God, devils from the depths of hell have spread their claws into our world, while enemies from the void continue to stare at us with hostility. As the world's only hope, adventurers must stand up and fight for their survival. Will you be able to join the fight alongside us against these devils?

Eternal Ember offers a diablo-style team idle RPG experience. You will need to build a team of adventurers to explore the vast continent, engage in epic battles, and grab all the juicy loots.

With a wide variety of monsters ranging from basic goblins and skeletons to giant golems and hell devils, the game features nine main storyline bosses and multiple elites to challenge. Additionally, the monsters possess various skills that require you to adjust your strategy accordingly.

There are eight classes of heroes to choose from, each with their own unique ultimate skills, talent trees, and functions. This allows you to create a more diverse playstyle and tactical experience.

In this game, you can send up to four heroes to fight at the same time, where you need to consider each hero's class, the potions you carry, and their positioning on the map to lead the battle towards your planned direction. After executing your pre-battle plan, just sit back, relax, and watch your heroes fight against the monsters automatically, as this game doesn't require you to perform too many operations during the battle.

With over 100 types of weapons and gears available in the game, you can customize your gear sets to your own liking. Gears are crucial in the game, and after all, what feels better than looting a legendary gear after a hard-fought battle? You can even create your exclusive gears in the blacksmith to improve their attributes.

The game's vast continent is divided into nine major plates, each with various terrain and fierce monsters. You can test your limits or join NPC characters to resist fierce enemies on multiple special map nodes, providing you with completely different combat experiences.

Ultimately, explore the Shadow Realm, a mysterious realm in the game with unique and powerful shadow monsters that guard precious treasures.

Eternal Ember is a free world full of hope, and we hope you enjoy playing it just as much as we do. Good luck, have fun, and loot well!
Zencat Gaming
Release date
Apr 14, 2022
Single player

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