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Game overview

Build your party and conquer monsters in this simple yet deep adventure! No map exploring or leveling up - just battle. Approx. 1 hr playtime.

Gather your allies and take on the monsters in this party-building simulation adventure! This game is perfect for those who love pixel art, puzzles, fantasy worlds with swords and magic, those who want to see the ending in a short amount of time, and those who are of the same generation as the author (born in 1995). Despite its simplicity, the battle system in this game is unexpectedly deep. You won't have to deal with the hassle of exploring maps and leveling up, and the story is straightforward but well-developed. You are now starting your job as a member of the "Esuko Mercenary Office," a monster hunting company. Work with the office's representative, a wizard, and your senior, a goblin, to take on different kinds of monsters. The flow of the game includes preparing for the hunt, signing contracts with mercenary groups that you can work with, buying equipment to strengthen your allies, and investigating the targeted monster within limited time and resources. At the end of the month, you will finally face off with the monster itself in hopes of defeating it. In terms of recording gameplay footage, you are free to live stream the game without prior or post-contact with the author, although it would be greatly appreciated if you could provide feedback in some way. The game has received positive reviews and achievements, such as having an article in Japan's largest smartphone game review media, "AppGet" (as of 26th March 2022), being featured in a playthrough video by the channel "Smartphone Game Introduction Channel" showcasing new and undiscovered smartphone games (as of 16th April 2022), as well as being announced to be introduced at "INDIE Live Expo 2022," the world's largest indie game festival (as of 21st May 2022). This game was created using various materials that include character graphics from "Time Fantasy Mini Sprites" by finalbossblues, music from "Retro and Electronic Game Music" by Sonancy Designs, window materials from "RPG Maker MV Window Skin 2" by Kuso Kurven, and font materials from "M+ BITMAP FONTS PixelMplus12.
Kazumi Mugino
Release date
May 12, 2022
Single player

Gameplay & Streams

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