Escape The Ayuwoki Horror Fort

Escape The Ayuwoki Horror Fort

Olga Sandakova
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Game overview

Escape the Ayuwoki Horror Fort: Escape the Jacksons Mansion of your new neighbor, The Ayuwoki. Listen for the "ayuwoki hee hee" and hide before eni Ayuwoki catches you.

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Welcome to your new neighbor, The Ayuwoki, who resides in the haunted Jacksons Mansion. Your objective in this spine-tingling horror escapade simulator is to escape the mansion and avoid being caught by eni Ayuwoki. Every time you hear the Ayuwoki hee hee, quickly find a hiding spot as The Ayuwoki is coming to get you. You are trapped in the Jacksons Fort Prison, and you must find a way to escape and forget the horror of the Ayuwoki.

To escape from the Ayuwoki, you need to be extra cautious. Any sound you make may attract eni Ayuwoki, who can hear even the slightest noise. Make sure to turn off your flashlight when hiding, or you may be caught. You can also hide behind objects or under tables to stay out of eni Ayuwoki's sight.

First, your goal is to find the main gate key, which can be located anywhere in the mansion. Keep in mind that the key icon appears on the screen when you have collected it. You can also monitor your status using different icons on the screen, such as when you are walking, running, or hiding. When a crossed-line eye icon appears, it indicates that you are hidden and safe from eni Ayuwoki.

Escape The Ayuwoki Horror Fort is a free horror escapade simulator where you can experience the fear of being chased by your new neighbor, The Ayuwoki. Your only chance of escaping the Jacksons Mansion is by locating the key and unlocking the main gate. When you hear the Ayuwoki hee hee, you know that he is approaching, and you need to hide to stay alive.

Download our spine-chilling horror escapade simulator and try to Escape the Ayuwoki Horror Fort. Don't let The Ayuwoki catch you as you try to escape Jacksons Mansion, and forget the horror of the Ayuwoki. Your new neighbor is waiting for you, can you outrun eni Ayuwoki and escape the mansion?
Olga Sandakova
Release date
Apr 10, 2019
Single player

Gameplay & Streams

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