Escape Game: Cinderella

Escape Game: Cinderella

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Help Cinderella get ready with a makeover by finding items in houses and forests. Enjoyable for kids with easy gameplay.

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In this game, Cinderella has been invited to a party, but she needs a complete makeover as her hair is unruly, and her attire is crumbling. The game involves searching through various houses and forests full of mysteries, with the aim of finding the required items to give Cinderella a complete makeover.

The game features cute and lovable characters suitable for children of all ages. Furthermore, it is easy to play and navigate, aimed at attracting first-time players, with hints available to guide players through the game. Besides, the game has an auto-save function and a note-taking feature, which enables players to take notes by swiping left from the right edge of the screen.

Playing the game is an effortless process, requiring players to search for items by tapping the screen and change the viewpoint by tapping the button at the bottom of the screen. When finding an item, the player can double-tap the item button to enlarge it and use it by dragging it where needed. To advance in the game, the player needs to combine different items, which could either be tapped or dragged together.

The game was produced by two people, with Asahi Hirata as the programmer and Naruma Saito as the designer. They aim to produce an exciting game that is entertaining for the players. The game comes with a soundtrack provided by Music is VFR, sound effects by Pocket Sound, and icons by icons8. The materials were obtained from the びたちー素材館. If you enjoy this game, you might also want to try out their other games!
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