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Reach into a living world and change the course of the story in this pioneering live-action interactive thriller. "The best looking FMV game ever made" - GameCrate, USA Become Erica, a young woman plagued with nightmares, driven by grisly new clues to face past traumatic events. It’s up to you to unearth the shocking truth. Guide Erica through the story by using your touch to physically interact with her surroundings. Flavourworks' groundbreaking "TOUCH VIDEO" technology allows you to reach out and interact with objects and people in the world. Make hundreds of choices to influence how the game develops. Multiple endings await you at the finale of the gripping branching narrative. No single path holds all the answers. “Captivating story and incredible acting” - MKAU Gaming "A solid and beautifully crafted example of how the technique has evolved and just how effective great interactive storytelling can be" - Dark Station "Well shot, well acted, well crafted - ERICA is a high class FMV game for a new age" - Eurogamer "Using a combination of crisp cinematography and FMV-specific game mechanics, ERICA never fails to hook you into its haunting, mysterious world" - Gamespot "Impossible not to recommend… lovingly crafted and deserves to be experienced" - Daily Star "An intricate narrative that’s engrossing at every turn" - Pushsquare Accolades based on PS4 version of ERICA™
Flavourworks Ltd.
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Jan 12, 2021
Point & Click
Single player

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Wenn JEDE kleinste ENTSCHEIDUNG fatale Auswirkungen hat! Krasses Game! EricaVerspieltes Gnu
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