Epic Calm Solitaire: Card Game

Epic Calm Solitaire: Card Game

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Game overview

Epic Card Solitaire is a classic Klondike solitaire game featuring beautifully designed cards, animations, and daily challenges. Play offline with unlimited hints and free games.

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If you're a fan of traditional card games, look no further than Epic Card Solitaire - the Klondike solitaire game created specifically for fans of solitaire around the world. The game is a simple, easy to understand version of the Klondike solitaire game you enjoyed playing on your desktop or laptop.

Solitaire games, particularly the Klondike variant, have been around for a long time now and are still probably the most popular single-player card game around. Playing solitaire is not only fun, but it can also help keep your mind sharp. With Epic Card Solitaire, you will get the classic solitaire experience, as well as intricately designed cards and crisp animations that take the game to the next level. You can pick from an array of card designs for the fronts and backs of the cards - whether you want cats, dogs or anything else in the background while you clear the deck, this game has you covered!

As a novice in this classic Klondike solitaire game, you will gradually progress through levels. Can you progress from a novice to a Cardsmith level player? How about winning the highest level of Demigod?

Each day, this card game will give you a new daily challenge, putting your speed to the test. Can you outrun the clock and win the daily challenge by clearing the deck in time? With over 5000 fully solvable shuffles, this free Klondike solitaire card game guarantees an endless supply of entertainment.

So, what makes Epic Card Solitaire the best Klondike solitaire game out there?

➤ Tap or drag and drop to move cards

➤ Large and easily readable cards

➤ Choose from either 1-card or 3-card draw Solitaire

➤ Unlimited hints

➤ Free, unlimited games of solitaire

➤ Track your personal stats and game progress

➤ The ability to undo moves

➤ Automatic completion

➤ Attractive animations

➤ Completely customizable sound options
➤ Offline play at any time, anywhere

What are you waiting for? Download Epic Card Solitaire and start playing the Klondike solitaire game of your dreams!
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