Game overview

Play Othello against thousands of global players with statistics and awards on automated matchmaking. Scalable board maximizes playing area. Monthly tournaments.

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eOthello is an internet-based turn-taking Othello platform that offers a chance to play against skilled Othello players worldwide. If you need to go over the Othello game rules, eOthello has a quick guide that will have you ready in no time!

Here are some of the features that make eOthello stand out: the game provides players with detailed game statistics and ELO progression, automated matchmaking, and an impressive individual challenges system. You can access traditional 8x8 games and random opening games, receive transcripts once a game is complete, and have access to private chat in all game rooms. The scalable board feature allows for maximum playing area, and there are 19 awards to be earned. Players will also receive notifications on moves and challenges, and have access to a global and per country leaderboard, which is sorted by ELO rating. Verified accounts for players with official WOF ratings are also available.

For those interested in playing in tournaments, there are monthly tournaments with divisions based on ELO rating. There is also a supporter mode that offers full site benefits, including vacation mode, unlimited simultaneous games, and an ad-free experience.

Currently, eOthello supports 11 languages: English, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese (simplified and traditional), French, Italian, German, Danish, Russian, Thai, and Korean.

Follow eOthello for news and updates on their Facebook and Twitter page.

In conclusion, eOthello is a lifetime opportunity to enjoy a minute to learn game. Play now and become a master of strategy!
Release date
Sep 17, 2017
Single player