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Balance engines and escape space mazes, push debris in black holes, drive space trucks, and race across 3 championships. A challenging space adventure!

Engines Override is the ultimate test for any space pilot who is not afraid of a challenging adventure. In the game, you will play as an unfortunate space traveller who is constantly losing control of his engine system during the most critical moments. You must manually override the controls and efficiently balance the left and right throttles to maneuver through space mazes and complete missions successfully. The game's 28 levels come with increasing difficulty and light physics-based puzzle elements to intensify your experience. With each level comes a dedicated leaderboard that provides an opportunity to exhibit your skills. You will be tasked with challenging missions like using a space bulldozer to push debris into a portable black hole or flying a space truck filled with containers, maneuvering out of tight spaces. On top of campaign missions, Engines Override has an exciting Space Racer mode that includes three championships made up of four tracks in each class of vehicle. You can compete in online races with multiplayer and weapon pickups for an even more intense challenge. Engines Override comes with an innovative and challenging control scheme that will leave any player satisfied with the gameplay. The game offers over 40 leaderboards to dominate, making it a serious challenge for any gamer. It is even compatible with older devices up until an iPad 2. You can play the first levels and races for free, and then purchase a single in-app that unlocks all the content in the game. Don't miss this opportunity to prove your skills in the vast universe of Engines Override.
Release date
Nov 23, 2017

Gameplay & Streams

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