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Simplicity and relaxation are the focus of this puzzle game that teaches the valuable life lesson "less is more".

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Escape into the tranquility of this puzzle game and allow yourself to fully unwind. With each level, embrace the importance of simplicity in your life and form a greater appreciation for it.

Experience the gratifying mechanics of this game with its one-of-a-kind puzzle system - rotate the room to clear it! The simplicity of the game is reflected in its one-touch controls, allowing you to easily play with just one hand.

Say goodbye to intrusive ads and paid content, as this game is fully supported by donations. Let people of all ages enjoy the game with its accessibility.

Delight in 19 captivating and expertly crafted levels in this aesthetically pleasing game. The original soundtrack flows seamlessly throughout gameplay, creating an overall immersive experience.

In a world that is constantly buzzing with excess, discover the timeless concept that less is truly more. Learn to embrace this concept and watch how it contributes to your overall wellbeing, while also enjoying a fun and joyful pastime.
Release date
Sep 25, 2020
Single player



Honestly too short.

AAKAAKfrom Skich app

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