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Recruit heroes, wield weapons, and battle for the throne of Rome in this brutal PVP, real-time, round based combat game.

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The once peaceful western world is now in a state of chaos and confusion as the gates of hell have been opened, plunging it into a state of disarray. The governors are preparing to mobilize their troops to reclaim Rome, and a war is looming in the horizon. Are you ready to join forces with the mighty Caesar, to take over the throne and establish your dominance over the grandest empire of all time?

Game Highlights:
--- Take Command of Millions of Troops in Real-Time PVP Battles!---
• Recruit legendary warlord heroes such as Alexander, Whitebeard, and Medusa to fight under your command and vanquish your enemies in the battlefield.
• Expand your reign of power by conquering hundreds of cities. Occupy Rome and claim the Emperor's throne as yours.
• Demonstrate your diplomatic warfare skills by using an array of weapons such as ballista, crossbowmen, cavalry, and infantry to signal the start of battle and conquer those that defy you.
• Explore the vast world map filled with barbarian camps, the gates of hell, and the majestic royal garrison of Rome. Claim what's yours and fortify your civilization for centuries to come.

--- An Immersive and Engaging Gameplay Awaits You!---
• Create alliances, recruit members, and collaborate with other warlords to build your civilization from scratch.
• Fight for the throne of Rome by partnering with your allies to engage in live combat. Strong commanders are eagerly waiting to face their foes to claim the crown of dominance.
• Enter the World Boss arena and slay powerful mythical creatures such as the Dragon, Vampires, The Headless Horseman, and Sirens to demonstrate your prowess as the strongest slayer.
• Forge legendary equipment and customize your gear from over thousands of accessible materials and forms to choose from.
• Lead your legion into battle and establish your reputation as an outstanding warlord and conqueror. Defeat wild monsters, exile barbarians and attain a high nobility level to prove your worth as a leader of the empire. Fight your way to the top and sit on the throne as the Emperor.

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Release date
Jun 26, 2015
Single player

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