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Elona Mobile is an open-world Roguelike RPG that offers pure joy of exploring and expanding. Mix and match equipment, upgrade skills and feats, and live your own legendary life!

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The classic Japanese RPG game known as Elona can now be enjoyed on mobile devices!

Introducing Elona Mobile, a Roguelike RPG game which is an open-world experience and includes intricate systems that may seem confusing at first, but undoubtedly will keep you entranced as you proceed! There are no automatic controls or repetitive killing, but rather the pure delight of exploring and expanding your abilities.

It all commences with a shipwreck occurrence. You were aboard a ship intending to evade Etherwind, which causes mutations; however, unfortunately encountered a storm instead. After awakening, you find yourself in North Tyris, an unsafe and peculiar place where you will embark on an unforgettable and varied expedition, encountering and experiencing numerous different lifestyles, such as a warrior who is determined to protect the world, a pianist who travels around, or a content farmer who enjoys fishing and planting. You have at your disposal a choice of 11 races and 10 classes!


Get geared up for Dungeon Crawling
As you explore dungeons seeking to conquer victories and excavate treasures, you will need to mix and match various equipment, develop your skills and abilities, and even recruit non-playable characters and monsters you encounter on the roadside as your allies.

Pursue Your Dream Life
You possess the liberty to decide on your very own path and experience various lifestyles, such as becoming a farmer, a chef, or a business tycoon while playing Elona.

Create Your Own Personality
You can be whoever you aspire to be, be it a cooperative citizen or a violent marauder, as there are no judges or ethical confines blocking you!

Free Character Development
Elona allows you to select from 11 races and 15 classes to create and customize your individual character. Will you choose to play as a goblin pianist or a snail tourist? Live your best life and become the stuff of legends!

Over 100 Peculiar Discoveries Await You
Horses that lay eggs and panties that function as weapons are just a couple of the strange and surprising things to encounter! Drinking water from a toilet can even augment your stats!

Anticipate Unexpected Occurrences and Twists
Unearth countless diverse roguelike dungeons as you look for unexpected rewards and incentives!

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Release date
Apr 20, 2021
Open world


Skich_User_18687from Skich app
I really like this game but I’m going to rate 4/5 because it’s not offline...

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