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Unite and lead an uprising to control the Elements and liberate humanity from the hold of the Gods and Elves in a seamless multiplayer world.

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Take control of the elements and become the ruler of the world in this action-packed game! For too long, Gods on the Floater and Elves of the Green Land have wielded the power of the elements, forcing humans into the barren Outlands with the savage Wildlings. But now, history has chosen you to unite the races and lead an uprising against the elemental tyrants.

As you prepare to fulfill your destiny, the Lord of the Elements lurks in the shadows, waiting for his chance to strike. Rise to the challenge and venture forth into a world filled with danger and beauty, where every decision can determine your fate!

Experience real-time movement with smooth animations, dodging deadly foes and luring them into traps. The key to victory is cooperation with allies, and you can recruit dozens of heroes to fight alongside you. From the cunning Wolf King to the enchanting Six-tailed Fox, each hero has their own unique abilities and personalities that come to life with next-gen animations and voice acting.

Experiment with changeable skill combinations, mixing and matching heroes to create powerful effects that can turn the tide of battle. Traverse a seamless world map filled with diverse landscapes, from frozen snowfields to lush forests and crystal lakes.

But you are not alone in this struggle. Join forces with your Alliance brothers and sisters, working together to overcome the forces of evil. With dedication and skill, you can rise from obscurity to become the most powerful ruler in the land!

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