Eastward Legend: The Empyrean

Eastward Legend: The Empyrean

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Action-packed RPG set in the beautiful martial arts world of Jianxia, with stunning traditional Chinese art style and deep character customization.

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【Oriental Style and Martial Arts Aesthetics】

The artwork of this game combines traditional art forms such as relief, paper-cutting, and printmaking. Every detail is designed to showcase the beauty of the martial arts world, from the changing weather and day and night cycles to the stunning landscapes.

【Horizontal Movement with Fingers as Swords】

This game uses horizontal 3D action RPG gameplay, breaking free from the framework of traditional martial arts MMORPGs and reducing the reliance on automatic navigation and combat assistance. It places greater emphasis on players controlling their own movement and moves, allowing them to freely explore the boundless martial arts world.

【Swordsmanship Inheritance Guiding the Martial Arts World】

Based on the worldview of Sword Net 3, this game's core development concept is centered around "based on and loyal to IP" in the mobile game market. By introducing classic scenes, factions, and worldviews in a new way in the mobile game, they offer players a fresh experience.

【Ethereal Chivalry and Free Swords】

Each faction has its own unique team challenge. Players need to collaborate with their friends to overcome the powerful boss skills and achieve the ultimate experience of teamwork through properly timing, coordination, and operations.

【Fighting on the Battlefield in the Chaotic Martial Arts World】

Players can compete as a member of the martial arts world and customize their training regimen. Experience a variety of combat gameplay styles, including limit combos and blocking, dodging, and multiple martial arts combinations, to face challenges both on and off the battlefield.

【Charming Love and Secret of the Lakeside】

Once the mind's eye mode is activated, players will enter a parallel space that allows them to see the hidden paths and footprints they cannot usually find. The mind's eye also reveals hidden events, allowing players to explore the old river's tale.

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※ This game contains violence, smoking and drinking, and love and friendship. The scenes depicted include fighting and attacking, without being too graphic, and are classified as auxiliary level 15 according to game software rating management regulations. Only persons aged 15 or above can use it.

※ This game is free to use and offers virtual game coins and items for purchase as paid services.

※ Pay attention to the time spent playing the game to avoid addiction.
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