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In Earth: Revival, a surviving human must gather crucial supplies, build shelter, and craft weapons to rebuild humanity in a futuristic wasteland full of danger and mutated creatures. Explore a massive open world, master futuristic hi-tech weapons, construct your ideal home, and participate in various PVP/PVE modes to compete and survive.

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Venture into a post-apocalyptic world, where the planet was invaded and ravaged to the ground during an interstellar war with aliens, leaving behind rampant toximorphs, emerging dark forces, and mutated plants and animals caused by the erosion of alien genes that threaten the existence of humanity. In this decaying world, you must survive as a survivor, gather vital resources, construct shelter, and create weapons to rekindle the last glimmer of hope for humanity.

The destruction of the social order in the apocalypse has converted the once-familiar surroundings into a wasteland filled with danger and aliens creatures. You're left aimlessly wandering around with minimal supplies; however, there's still hope. It is phenomenally collaborating with famous architect, Ma Yansong, who built the Superstar, an iconic building representing futuristic architecture, in the game, combining new concepts and designs to offer an immersive experience in the realistic and fantastical future game world.

Through rendering dynamic landscapes and an intense environment, the game features high-quality graphics, adopting 3A standard modeling, creating an immersive experience in the doomsday survival. You have to keep an eye on your physical indicators, search for food, explore and collect materials to stay alive.

The game includes more than ten types of high-fidelity terrains like deserts, wetlands, forests, and city ruins, with a dynamic cycle of weather and time bring an immersive experience. You can explore the spaceship wreckage creeping with aliens, sneak under the city's neon lights, and infiltrate labs to unveil the secrets of the alien genes. The futuristic hi-tech weapons provide hundreds of cutting-edge types equipped with different special abilities/attributes for you to select, where you can earn rich rewards by defeating powerful enemies with teammates.

During this challenging juncture, unification is key to survival. You will encounter other survivors, assemble camps with four players, free construction, unrestricted exchange, and animal husbandry. By working collectively and rendering mutual help, you will establish a real family.

The game offers a fair competition experience with various PVP/PVE modes, where gigantic bosses and waves of monster assaults, realistic terrains, and dynamic weather create epic battle scenarios. You have access to numerous multiplayer raids to fight in, and you must cooperate with your friends to win the challenge. It's time to put your gaming and cooperative skills to the test!

The closed beta testing of Earth: Revival is currently underway, so follow our official social media channels to keep up with the latest news. We're excited to hear your views, and you can contact us via Facebook, Discord, or our email address,
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