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Soar as a Bald Eagle in a survival adventure. Grow a flock, fight predators, and increase stats. Navigate a huge 3D world. No ads, no purchases.

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Unleash your inner avian and glide through the air as a majestic Bald Eagle! Embark on an adventure on a vast and perilous island inhabited by ferocious beasts! Create your own pack of eagles, nurture fledglings, snatch fresh fish from the water, and engage in battles to survive against forest predators such as foxes, wolves, and bears!

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- REALISTIC SIMULATION - Survive on a remote and wild island by keeping your vitals in check, health, hunger, thirst, and energy!
- EPIC CONFRONTATIONS - Employ your razor-sharp talons and rapid pace to catch fish and face off with formidable forest creatures!
- CREATE AN EAGLE PACK - Seek a partner with whom you can bond and bring up your own brood of eagles who will accompany you on hunts. Observe your hatchlings hatch and grow while also aiding you in combat!
- ADVANCE YOUR AVIAN - Garner experience by taking down other animals, levelling up your eagles, boosting their health, attacking power, and unlocking new colours!
- WILDLIFE SURVIVAL MANUAL - Rely on your handy survival guide for details on rival animals, a forest map, eagle customisations, and much more!
- IMMENSE 3D ENVIRONMENT - Traverse a massive open-world island inhabited by uncivilised animals, towering hills, and shimmering water pools in order to explore your eagle's freedom!
- NEW TOUCH-BASED CONTROLS - One-finger intuitive controls enable you to drive your eagle and attack your opponents with ease!
- HIGH-DEFINITION GRAPHICS - Gorgeous views from incredible heights will transport you to a remote island with striking HD graphics!
- GLUTEN-FREE PROMISE - With all of our games, you will get the entire game with no advertisements or extra purchases!

Control the ultimate predator of the food chain, the Bald Eagle, by downloading the Eagle Simulator now!

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Release date
Aug 19, 2014

Gameplay & Streams

🦅Eagle Simulator, Ultimate Bird SimulatorDave's Gaming
Furious Eagle Family Simulator (by Tap 2 Sim) Android Gameplay [HD]DroidGameplaysTV
Eagle Simulator Game #1 - Android Gameplay hdCargo GAME
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