Dystopia: Contest of Heroes

Dystopia: Contest of Heroes

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Game overview

Lead Conor McGregor's hero squad in epic RTS battles against fractured societies in the dystopian future. Join forces and dominate with RPG elements.

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DYSTOPIA RTS: CONTEST OF HEROES will take you on an exhilarating adventure as you explore a world in constant turmoil. In this epic multiplayer RTS game, you'll join forces with Conor McGregor and his squad to take on diabolical enemies trying to conquer the world.

Assume the role of a brave leader in a futuristic world where societies and clans are at war, fighting it out for power and control over the City. This RTS strategy game with RPG elements lets you build your army, manage your strategies, and plan attacks to surprise your rivals in battle.

Unlock the power of alliances. Working with your peers, devise a strategy, and develop tech trees united for dominance over the galaxy. Dynamic RTS battles with more depth and options than ever before, can you dominate or be crushed in the epic battle of survival?

In DYSTOPIA RTS, you'll get to climb the ranks of Conor McGregor's unique tournaments and meet fantasy heroes with unique skills that you can add to your arsenal. Collect legendary weapons, upgrade epic armor, and beef up your heroic squad to triumph over your enemies.

With millions of players worldwide, DYSTOPIA RTS is the perfect game for strategy lovers who want to connect with people like themselves. Discuss gameplay and forge lasting relationships while battling your enemies in fierce realtime clashes.

Don't wait to experience this new genre-defining RTS strategy game with RPG elements. Join Conor McGregor to fight and explore the vast universe of DYSTOPIA RTS today!
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