Dynasty Warriors: Overlords

Dynasty Warriors: Overlords

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Play as formidable generals of the Three Kingdoms, engage in epic battles with endless combos and Synergy Musou skills. Compete globally with Real-Time PvP mode.

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Dynasty Warriors: Overlords is a Three Kingdoms ARPG that brings authentic console-level visual quality to mobile devices, published by VNG for Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines, and Indonesia. As a player, you will experience hack and slash combat as one of the formidable generals of the Three Kingdoms, crushing thousands of enemy troops and dominating the battlefield using continuous combos and the deadly Synergy Musou.

This game offers players the chance to play as their favorite generals of the Three Kingdoms, such as Lu Bu, Guan Yu, Zhao Yun, and Zhang Fei, in battles against endless hordes of enemies. As you fight through these battles, you will acquire new combos and skills that will aid you in becoming the ultimate "God of War".

Dynasty Warriors: Overlords also introduces the first ever real-time PvP mode in the series, allowing players to challenge other players globally to show off their skills and claim the title as the strongest and most skilled warrior in the world. You can test yourself in various PvP modes like Solitary Striving 1vs1, Imperial Sparring 3vs3, and Guild War, to prove you're the "God Amongst Men".

Players can take part in legendary battles of the Three Kingdoms and the storyline of the four nations of Wei, Wu, Shu, and Jin. Dive into classical plots through a seamless blend of action and storytelling unique to this game. Here, players can use Synergy Musou skills, which are spectacular and powerful combination skills, to defeat their enemies in a magnificent way.

Dynasty Warriors: Overlords offers console-level visual quality on mobile with original designs restored from Koei Tecmo. You will enjoy authentic imagery and visual effects from the series as your favorite generals dominate the battlefield and rack up combos. Lastly, challenge yourself in PvE Modes with varying difficulty levels from EASY to CHAOS and team up with your friends to conquer lands shared with numerous players. Are you up for the challenge? Play now and join the quest to become the ultimate warrior!
VNG Game Publishing
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