Dynasty Scrolls

Dynasty Scrolls

Yoozoo (Singapore) Pte. Ltd
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Game overview

English release of Asian RPG with strategic combos, a unique historical mode, and legendary heroes. Tons of daily rewards and exclusive skins. Join a Legion and conquer together!

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Embark on a journey to shatter history and shake up the meta with the beloved Asian RPG, now available in English. A new tutorial and enhanced rewards await to guide you through the violent wastelands and into the fray of battle!

【Get free stuff and great values】

Score massive rewards each day, starting with 20 lucky draws upon logging in. After seven days, receive Zhao Yun for free and within the first week, claim up to 30,000 Gold along with an exclusive skin. These bonuses set you on the path to rapid growth!

【Top-class character portraits that redefine Chinese legends】

We've brought ancient mythology to life with a fantastical game world boasting skilled craftsmanship and exquisite attention to detail. Each of the epic heroes undergoes a brand new design created by a team of hundreds of talented painters, who blend classical and modern aesthetics to craft stunning works of fantasy art.

【Out-strategize your opponents with custom combos and ultimate skills】

Navigate the intricate combo system to create distinctive strategies that suit your playstyle. Pick from a wealth of combos and synergies that surprise your adversaries and propel you to victory. Numerous training paths await and cinematic battles create an immersive visual experience.

【Evolve history or create your own epic saga】

Our unique Historical mode offers a top-down RPG adventure with advanced tactical battles. Pick from legendary figures such as Lu Bu and Zhao Yun, to rewrite the course of historical strife and shape your own narrative. With endless activities, there's never a dull moment no matter your level.

【Join forces to fight for your Legion】

Loyal bonds unite you and your comrades, fighting together until the bitter end. As you develop your legend with a host of allies, take on terrifying adversaries and unravel the mysteries lurking within the world's instances. Keep honing your skills and growing stronger, until you reign victorious over all!
Yoozoo (Singapore) Pte. Ltd
Release date
Dec 24, 2020

Gameplay & Streams

【Dynasty Scrolls】The Best Faction!Early Game!Mid Game!Late Game!Different Generation!Different Best!Ah w
【Dynasty Scrolls】The Most Powerful Combo Charm!Rare!Epic!Legendary!Early Game!Late Game!Ah w
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