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Battle in the epic world of the Three Kingdoms era in mobile game 'Dynasty: Fallen&Rise', featuring exploration, character development, and strategic combat.

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Get ready for an epic adventure into the Three Kingdoms era with 'Dynasty: Fallen&Rise'! Immerse yourself in an incredible Path of Immortals story, discovering the captivating rise and fall of dynasties and facing unparalleled Myth adventures and Tower of God challenges.

Experience an intricately created gaming world set in the unstable years of the Three Kingdoms era. While war is engulfing the earth and the ancient Dynasty Legends is struggling with external and internal issues, your fate is to become a Dynasty Warrior. You are destined for a pivotal role in changing the course of history amidst this turbulent era.

One of the core elements of 'Dynasty: Fallen&Rise' is exploration. The honkai world in the game has been exquisitely constructed, featuring bustling Shadow Fight cities, desolate Clash Royale mountains, mysterious landmarks, and vast oceans. Each location is brimming with treasures, mysteries, and unknowns waiting to be explored. Along the way, you will meet fascinating NPCs, including experienced generals, wise strategists, and devout monks. As you embark on your adventure, the Watcher of Realms will accompany you, guiding you to further understand the history and secrets of the gaming world through exciting conversations and interactions.

Gradually unlock your Guardian Tales' own territory and rise of Kingdoms as you journey through this adventure world. This will become your base camp, which you can enhance by building various facilities, such as training grounds, workshops, and mysterious research institutes. Each facility has its unique features and bonuses, providing various resources and support for your adventure team. Through a reasonable layout and planning, you can achieve a greater victory in the legend of kings' battle.

Another notable highlight of the game is character development. You can recruit a diverse range of heroes, from legend of empress knights to wise counselors, heroes of mythic might to witty assassins, each with their unique skills and backgrounds. Through battles and missions, you can enhance your AFK Heroes' level and attributes, unlock new skills and equipment, and create a unique combat style for each hero by selecting equipment and cultivating skills to meet various combat challenges.

The combat system in the game integrates strategy and real-time, requiring you to flexibly apply your heroes and skills in each battle, adjusting your Trials of Heroes tactics based on the enemy's weaknesses and changes in the battle situation. Only reasonable strategies can achieve ultimate victory in the battle, which is a battle of wisdom and courage.

The beauty of the Three Kingdoms era's new romance game is not limited to the graphics, but is also reflected in the sound effects and music, which are equally impressive. The sound effects of the game will transport you into the tense atmosphere of the battlefield, while the music will immerse you completely into the world of the game.

Become a part of the long history of the chaotic Three Kingdoms era in 'Dynasty: Fallen&Rise'. Every decision you make will shape the fate of the era of dynasties, its downfall, or its rise. Join this exciting adventure world now, explore the unknown Mini Dynasty, conquer challenges, and craft your very own heroic legends!
Release date
Sep 20, 2023
Single player

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