Dwarf Journey

Game overview

In Dwarf Journey, journey through randomly generated levels while facing bosses and collecting minerals to forge better equipment on your quest for immortality.

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In Dwarf Journey, you'll embark on an unforgettable adventure in a randomly generated, action-packed, rogue-lite platform game. As the valiant warrior Gallar, you seek immortality after a close encounter with death. Discover the mystical cave in the Valley of Eternity where the relic of eternal life is said to be hidden. Gallar sets out on his journey armed with his trusted ax and pickaxe but is well aware that his quest may cost him his life.

At Dwarf Journey, defeat enemies to gain experience points and level-up your character. With each fight, you will unlock new routes, bosses, and customize your character's appearance and strengths to better your odds of success. You'll also have the opportunity to collect ores and weapon blueprints hidden in the depths of the cave, which you can use to forge a wide variety of equipment to defeat even stronger monsters.

Discover runes and items around the cave to personalize your journey. Assemble up to three runes and maximise their abilities to better your gameplay experience according to your chosen style. Face epic bosses that will challenge your tactics and strengths. Prepare for such encounters by noting down the right time to face them or strategize the best plan of action. Your ultimate goal? To achieve immortality and have Gallar continue his journey into forever.

Dwarf Journey boasts endless replayability each time you play, as it offers a unique experience with its randomly generated levels. The game is controller compatible and is free of ads and in-app purchases- pay once and have the full experience.

Embark on an epic journey of endless challenge and enjoyment with Dwarf Journey.
Orube Game Studio
Release date
Mar 05, 2021
Single player

Gameplay & Streams

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