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Dunk Nation 3X3, the fast-paced MMO sports game captures the feel of half-court street ball with a wide variety of character abilities and hip-hop style graphics. Compete with friends, play pick-up matches, and win prizes including signed shoes by NBA star Vince Carter.

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Get your basketball gears ready and join Halcyon's newest version of Dunk Nation 3X3 with NBA legend and star Vince Carter leading the pack! With the Vince Carter custom edition, DN3X3 is officially open for everyone who loves a pick-up game on the streets. This fast-paced MMO sports game is inspired by hip-hop and arcade-style graphics that of half-court street ball. Dunk Nation provides numerous ways for players to connect with friends through club teams, Ladder mode, or real-time 3V3 pick-up matches, ensuring endless hours of fun for all. Impress your peers with awe-inspiring three-pointers and dazzling dunks, among other cool skills that you can quickly learn as you play. With dozens of character abilities and numerous wearables, teams can craft various strategies as they set their sights on becoming champions.

The game has a hip-hop meets comic book style that immerses players in a playful yet competitive street feel. Players may even choose to play as one of their favorite NBA players, including international basketball star Vince Carter. Play DN3X3 to win a chance to get basketball shoes personally signed by Carter and other merchandise he offers outside the game.

In Career mode, compete with CPU challengers and master the game skills. Dive into PVP mode, where you can play 3-on-3, 2-on-2, or 1-on-1 matches with friends, improve your playing skills, and enjoy the game for fun. Ladder mode will help prove to everyone that you are the true champion and rise above the games leaderboard. There's also a real-time battle that allows players to team up with friends, create clubs, and take on challenging teams together.

The game provides five positions to choose from: center, point guard, shooting guard, small forward, and power forward. Mix and match your team's positions and employ real-time coordination tactics with your teammates to achieve victory. Players can customize their characters as their new threads are released weekly. Looking good is part of playing well in this game. Every position comes with its attributes, and with over 20 characters, you can sign up to satisfy your team's demands.

Join the latest basketball craze and feel the excitement of the streets as you compete with friends and opponents. Visit the official websites now to stay connected with Dunk Nation 3X3's news and events. So get ready to have some serious fun!
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