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Game overview

Raid dungeons & fight elite monsters with fast reactive gameplay & unique boss fights. Upgrade, customize & progress your character.

Embark on an Epic Dungeon Adventure! Claim Your Rewards! Customize & Level Up! Experience a fast-paced and reactive gameplay! Cast time is history, all you need is a strategic usage of cooldowns! Test your mettle and collect your well-deserved rewards! Enjoy optimized character progression! Unlock new skins as you reach higher levels! Upgrade and personalize your items to suit your style! Take on Challenging Elite Foes! Face a more formidable type of enemy with unique battle patterns and tactics, and emerge as the victorious hero! Buckle Up for the Ultimate Boss Showdown! End each dungeon with a monumental boss fight you won't soon forget! Push your limits and showcase your battle prowess against these one-of-a-kind creatures, each with their own set of signature attacks and unparalleled designs! How to Play: Begin your quest by registering for a dungeon in the lobby. Fall solo or join a team in a randomly selected dungeon, with the goal of successfully reaching the end without perishing along the way. If you fail, you'll lose the dungeon but get to keep any coins you've gathered. On the other hand, if you succeed, get ready to claim your reward in the form of a piece of armor, additional coins, and valuable experience! Upgrade your armor by spending the coins you've earned, and advance to more challenging dungeons where the risks and rewards are even greater. Easy to learn, difficult to master, and endlessly entertaining. Get started today!
Release date
Mar 03, 2022

Gameplay & Streams

Dungeons of Lazul - Android Gameplay (Online)Maximumandroid - Just Good Games
Dungeons of Lazul - First Impressions Gameplay (Android)Zennosh Gacha
Dungeons of Lazul Online - Gameplay | Mobile GameGAME VIEW TRENDING


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