GamesDungeons of Chaos: Revamped Edition.

Dungeons of Chaos: Revamped Edition.

Game overview

Explore vast locations and employ a wide range of spells and skills in Dungeons of Chaos – a retro-style 2D RPG acclaimed by Ultima and Avernum fans.

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Embark on an epic journey filled with numerous spells, skills and tactical combat by playing Dungeons of Chaos. This game is a retro-style 2D RPG that promises a fantastic experience in your fight against evil. You'll explore huge locations both unique and randomized in a top-down 2D tile-based view. What's more, the game is ad-free and has garnered over 20,000 sales so far for both major OS together, with a 4.8-star rating and a very engaged fan base on the Facebook page, where frequent updates and additions are discussed.

One user has been so impressed by the game, they have referred to it as coming home. Those who remember old classic games such as Ultima 3, 4, and 5 will love Dungeons of Chaos.

Dungeons of Chaos is filled with features that give it great replay value β€” the game offers a retro-style RolePlayingGame (RPG) in the spirit of old classics. The game has many different character classes, spells and skills to employ that offer guild access to advanced classes. You'll embark on rewarding quests in atmospheric music and detailed lighting and line-of-sight visual mechanics. The game is non-linear, offering content and exploration that exist outside the main storyline, with unique monsters, treasure, and secrets.

The game has over 30 fixed locations supporting the main storyline, and some locations are fully randomized and different each time you play (procedural content generation). There are many rare item properties that make for over 5,000,000 combinations that let your armour, weapons, and accessories take on powerful bonuses.

The game offers multiple difficulty levels with higher difficulties revealing better loot, much tougher enemies, and game mechanics. You'll control a party of 6 characters, which you can generate using 9 starter classes and unique character features - offering variety in gameplay.

Intricate fight mechanics, such as flanking or being flanked, makes an encounter change from being easy to being dangerous, and vice versa. Using the right boost/support/attack spells and skills is vital for survival. Find important NPCs to expand your skill sets, find magic books to boost your spell knowledge, and improve your equipment by trading your bounty with various shop owners.

Dungeons of Chaos is meticulously designed to work on as many devices as possible, stretching back to iOS 6. Though issues do arise on very old devices with low memory (RAM 256MB or less), such as iPad 2 or iPad Mini or iPhone 4S and 5C if they run iOS 8 or 9. The game works well on iPhone 5S, 6, 6S, and 6Plus and on newer iPads like iPadAir 1 or 2, or iPad3.

For detailed game mechanics, tactics, and hints, the support website offers solutions. With a host of gameplay videos available, you'll easily understand the game mechanics before starting your journey.

Dungeons of Chaos is the game you'll want to play if you're looking to revisit the past classics. Here is your chance to immerse yourself in a fantasy world filled with unique quests, creatures, weapons and magic. Please reach out to the developers if you have any problems or suggestions at
Volker Elzner
Release date
Jun 03, 2016


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