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Dungeoneers Quest

Game overview

Dungeoneers is a party-based dungeon exploration game with deep character customization, old-school combat, and endless replayability. No ads, no pay-to-win, just pure RPG action.

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Dungeoneers: Labyrinth Exploration

Immerse yourself in a thrilling labyrinth exploration game that is party-based and first-person. In this game, your objective is to create a team of six unique classes and explore an always-changing labyrinth to reach its lowest depth.

Face fearsome enemies and bosses by utilizing over 65 skills in strategic battles while managing your resources. Do your best to last as long as you could, but once you're forced to run back to town, it's time to regroup and start again. Each level you conquer, the rewards and challenges increase, but be warned as if you press your luck and fall before you retreat, all the riches you've acquired will be lost.

How deep can your Dungeoneers reach? Can they beat the enemy that awaits them at the base of the Ancient Stronghold and come out victorious?

Game Features:

- Exquisite 2D graphics with beautiful artwork
- Robust character customization by choosing from five races, six classes, and over 65 unique skills
- Brutal and strategic old-school combat designed to take you on an epic journey
- Randomly generated levels and items to test your skills endlessly
- Specifically designed for mobile devices making it easy to play as little or as much as you want
- Expandable with new dungeons and features that will be added over time
- No ads or pay-to-win scenarios, with just one-time payment unlocking all available content
- Created by a single indie developer who is passionate about old school RPG's, puts quality first, and doesn't believe in free-to-play games.
- Support future expansion and features with your purchase!

Get ready to explore the depths of the Dungeoneers labyrinth and test your skills against the toughest foes and bosses. With each conquest, comes greater challenges and rewards that will keep you coming back for more. Will you be able to conquer the Ancient Stronghold and claim your victory?
Ryan Monney
Release date
May 30, 2015


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