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Escape dungeons, battle evils, unlock skills, and find treasure in Valley of Dungeons. Epic adventure with fast combat and villager quests.

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Embark on a thrilling journey through the Valley of Dungeons, and escape from its gloomy depths. Engage in intense combat and eliminate the nefarious enemies dwelling within. Reap the rewards of treasure chests overflowing with invaluable loot!

Explore the labyrinthine, procedurally generated dungeons teeming with unexpected perils and unpredictable variables. Engage in swift, heart-pumping battles and masterfully vanquish the foes that stand in your path.

Uncover and unravel the mysteries of the vast, uncharted locales, for they hold within them numerous caches brimming with prizes beyond your wildest dreams. Laid out before you are riches and bounties that will aid you in your quest for greatness and glory.

Advance through your journey by leveling up and unlocking ever more powerful abilities. Discover hidden secrets and acquire valuable resources to strengthen and empower yourself. Prepare thoroughly if you wish to overcome all odds that assail you.

Join the stalwart villagers and fulfill their quests as you make your way through the Valley of Dungeons. Confront the fiends and retrieve various rare items and artifacts to reap handsome rewards.

Embark on an adventure of a lifetime. Welcome to the Valley of Dungeons, where peril and riches await you!
Release date
Oct 08, 2021
Single player


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