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Dungeon RPG: Abyssal Dystopia

Game overview

Save humankind from monster extinction. Explore the abyss, collect monsters, and gear up with over 133 equipment in this RPG adventure.

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In this RPG game, Humankind has been overwhelmed by violent monsters and you are left alone after your village was destroyed. You must now navigate the intricate Sage Labyrinth and uncover the secrets that it holds, as well as your destiny. This game is perfect for those who enjoy levelling up and collecting numerous items and monsters while experiencing the RPG genre.

The Sage Labyrinth is teaming with roaming monsters and hidden items, and you must make your way through each floor by finding the stairs. Auto-mapping is available to help navigate and a map can be shown at the touch of a button. Beware though, as there are floors filled with treacherous traps.

The wide array of monsters in this game is impressive, with 130 of them boasting stunning graphics. These monsters have a vast range of abilities, and you can experiment with different strategies when battling them. Capturing monsters is simple with the auto feature. You'll also encounter different boss class enemies and rare metal-type opponents with an enormous amount of experience.

You can earn rewards, increase your fame and solve mysteries by accepting quests. Most quests have no time limits, and you can take on as many as you wish. You can choose to leave quests that aren't necessary for capturing.

The job system is extremely comprehensive. You can change jobs freely, and advanced classes are unlocked as you progress through the game. Each job has unique traits and requirements, and you can finish the game without ever needing to switch jobs.

Equipment in this game is varied, with 133 as of Version 1.0, and there will be more added in the future. Besides items that raise stats, there are also pieces with useful abilities and equipment suited specifically for certain jobs. Careful consideration of gear and compatibility with skills and attributes is vital when selecting equipment.

As of Version 1.0, this game has more than 200 skills, including various types of magic and weapon skills. Some skills have the ability to activate or increase your natural abilities or stats. You'll need to think through which skills work best with each job or situation.

This game's multiplayer function allows you to form parties with other players' characters, and you can even send your own characters along to earn rewards and increase their fame. You can also choose to play the game with auto mode and change the enemy level in 5 stages to suit your preferences.

As new quests, monsters and weapons are added in the future, the game's replayability factor remains high, and you can adapt and take on hundreds of hours of gameplay in offline mode, with some limitations to specific features. The game maker promises bug fixes and updates in the future, and they regularly appreciate the contributors who have assisted them in the making of this game.
Yutaka Aoki
Release date
Sep 15, 2022

Gameplay & Streams

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