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In 'Dungeon Princess,' a gamer aims to make his sister a princess of the popular online game by clearing the final stage. Real-time battles and unique skills add excitement.

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Get ready for an exciting adventure with ‘Dungeon Princess’, considered as the best DOT RPG game of 2019, and dominating the online virtual game sphere worldwide. Do you have what it takes to lead your party through the final stage of the Dungeon? As the first team to accomplish this, you and your team will be rewarded with an array of fantastic prizes. One special female team member will also be conferred the title of ‘Princess’ and granted extraordinary privileges. Join the gaming genius, ‘ISM’ on his journey through Dungeon Princess with the promise of making his sister ‘NADIE’ a princess as the ultimate goal.

‘Dungeon Princess’ is a 100% user-interactive game that defies the concept of autoplay mode. The game boasts of an exceptional ending that you can actually achieve. Adding to the charm of the game are 11 characters, each possessing unique abilities and skills. Every character comes alive with attractive illustrations and captivating voice-overs. The game's storytelling is heartwarming, focusing on character relationships, and the gameplay is further enhanced by over 430 collectible items, each with unique attributes.

To add to the excitement, ‘Dungeon Princess’ also features more than 18 types of boss monsters, presenting players with 430 set items and character abilities to do battle. The developers promise that the game will be updated regularly, offering new stages, features, and storylines, keeping gamers captivated and engaged.

Unlike the typical turn-based battle games, ‘Dungeon Princess’ offers a unique battle system, allowing you to select various real-time skills, provided that your stamina permits, each with a different level of stamina. Picking the right combination of abilities, a powerful lineup of character troops, and precise timing of attacks and defense, is the key to success. Battle strategies are essential, and timing the attacks precisely using your own fingertips are an integral part of this thrilling game.

Master all the set item buffs, use attack skills to thwart the enemy's advance, and keep switching your characters in mid-battle, to replace the injured with characters at full strength to achieve victory. Fulfill your mission of gifting your sister royal status by leading your party to the final stage and being declared the winner!

Please note that ‘Dungeon & Princess’ is a game that does not require a server. You can save all your data to your device; however, in case you lose your data, you cannot regain it once the app is deleted, so do use the save on cloud function provided within the game.
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