Dungeon Pets - Auto Battler

Dungeon Pets - Auto Battler

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Game overview

Build a team of 5 pets, each with unique abilities, and outmaneuver your opponents in the auto-chess game, Dungeon Pets.

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Are you a fan of auto chess games? Introducing Dungeon Pets, the game where you can build your own team of unique and adorable pets, and strategize your way to victory! The game may be simple to understand and get into, but it takes skill to master. Expect plenty of exciting and nail-biting gameplay opportunities as you pit your team against other players.

Whether you're a dog, cat, or monkey lover, there's a pet for you in Dungeon Pets. And if you're a tactics enthusiast, this game is perfect for you. You'll have to plan out your moves strategically to outmaneuver your opponents.

The game features five types of pets: cats, dogs, rats, monkeys, and pigs. Each type has twelve different pets, all with their unique strengths and weaknesses. Choose five animals for your team build and take part in exciting battles where you can upgrade your pets in a six-tier system, from one to six stars. As you climb the ranks, you'll also encounter an MMR system that lets you compete with players in your range using a better matchmaking system.

Dungeon Pets also has two game modes to offer. The first is Dungeon Mode, which is designed for more serious gameplay. Here, you can collect items during battles, providing you with better rewards and potentially game-changing advantages. Alternatively, for casual gameplay, there's Casual Mode. Beginners can learn tactics without relying on items.

Do you think a team of cats is stronger than a team of dogs? What about monkeys? The only way to find out is to play Dungeon Pets! Check out the official page for more information and updates, or follow Dungeon Pets on Facebook.
FredBear Games Ltd
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