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Game overview

Explore dungeons, capture monsters, and treasure hunt with random equipment drops in Dungeon of Haze. Various facilities will help you on your adventure.

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Embark on a thrilling semi-automatic RPG adventure with Dungeon of Haze.
Explore and conquer all the scattered dungeons around the town to become the ultimate champion of the game.

[Game Highlights]

--- Capture the ferocious monsters! ---

Prepare to face some of the most unique and challenging monsters as you journey through the dungeon.
Each monster has its own set of distinct abilities and skills, making your encounter with them all the more exciting.
Master the art of capturing monsters and add them to your collection.

--- Random equipment drops! ---

Explore the dungeons and discover three types of equipment: weapons, armor and shields.
Unleash the potential of each equipment as they may have been endowed with distinctive abilities.
Uniquely, special abilities known as "tokens" can be replicated to enhance your equipment and grant you power beyond your imagination.
Let the treasure hunt begin!

--- Various facilities to support your voyage! ---

Discover and utilize various facilities like the blacksmiths for forging equipment upgrades, the evil stores for merging monsters, and the junk stores for selling items and equipment.
Unlock new facilities as you progress through the game and level up.

--- Simple User-Interface for seamless dungeon exploration! ---

The UI has been designed to ensure easy navigation through the complexities of the dungeon. You can enjoy exploring in a hassle-free way!
Join the world of Dungeon of Haze today and experience the thrill of capturing monsters and discovering treasure beyond your wildest dreams!
Release date
Sep 07, 2023
Single player

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