Dungeon Lord!

Dungeon Lord!

Michael Jacobs
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Dungeon Lord, the single player, turn-based fantasy card game, features three game modes with addictive gameplay. Can you become the Dungeon Lord?

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Welcome to the Dungeon, a single-player, turn-based, fantasy card game developed by MJD Game Studios. Explore the dark corners of the dungeon with your team of daring adventurers as you hunt for fame and loot. Armed with enchanted weapons and magical spells, you must overcome powerful enemies and avoid cunning traps to emerge victorious.

Dungeon Lord features addictive gameplay that is easy to learn but hard to put down. Can you rise to the challenge and become the ultimate Dungeon Lord?

Join daily dungeon parties on the 10th, 11th, 25th, and 26th of every month! Expand your experience by exploring all expansions available.

The game offers three distinct modes: Standard mode, Dungeon Delve, and Daily Dungeon.

Standard mode is your chance to score huge loot, with one chance to make it in and out. But can you beat 1 billion gold?

In Dungeon Delve, campaign mode, dive deeper into the dungeon with your team, inspired by the classic game "Diablo." Your heroes level up, gain loot and learn new spells but so do the monsters. With increasingly difficult traps, fatigue mechanic, and new enemies, every Dungeon Delve experience is unique. You will never face the same dungeon twice, making it more difficult than ever to become the Dungeon Lord.

Daily Dungeon offers players a chance to compete against others using the same cards. With one deck, one Dungeon, and just one Dungeon Lord, you are in for a challenging and thrilling gameplay.

The game features dynamic deck building, endless dungeon levels, and powerful weapons, spells, and magic items to discover. You can take a quick five to ten minutes for each play, a perfect fit for your busy schedule.

Moreover, we will never show you ads! Our base version is completely free, and we vow never to interrupt your game with in-app advertisements. We ask that you show your support for the indie development of this game.

Join the discussion on Reddit and discuss your experience with Dungeon Lord with other players. Download Dungeon Lord and begin your journey today!
Michael Jacobs
Release date
Jul 17, 2022

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