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Dungeon & Evil: Dynamic action RPG with 4 characters to choose from, clearing dungeons, raid boss battles, and defending villages with knights. Opens new stories.

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Indulge in the exciting adventure world of Dungeon and Evil! This dynamic action RPG is a breathtaking two-player indie game, which gives you the ultimate experience of exploring dungeons, collecting rare items, skills and artifacts, training noble knights, teaming up against demons and monsters, safeguarding villages, and plunging into thrilling boss raids! Discover the epic story of purifying the world from evil forces by uncovering each mystery one by one.

Choose from 4 stunning characters from Warrior, Mage, Gunner, and Archer and help them grow by collecting the 12 articles that are solely dedicated to them. From farming dungeons to defeating monstrous beasts and obtaining legendary treasures, the game offers you a wondrous experience that keeps you engaged and entertained.

Enjoy a range of exciting activities such as battling against the powerful heroes and knights, safeguarding the ground, beginning your farming journey in an infinite tower, discovering set item farming holy land with friends, finding legendary items and artifacts, and crushing the root of evil with the help of your knights and heroes.

In case you face difficulty in logging in, simply follow the steps in your phone's settings and delete data from the game, Google Play Games and Google Play services. It is always recommended to follow these steps for a seamless gaming experience.

So gear up and embark on an exciting adventure in Dungeon and Evil. Open the world of limitless possibilities and let the game take you to surreal heights! Be ready to purge the world of evil and become the ultimate savior!
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