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Game overview

Assemble a team of heroes to defend your dungeon, defeat enemies, and explore fantasy lands! Available only for Netflix members.

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This game is exclusively available for Netflix members, who are up for an intense adventure of battling, exploring, and defending. You'll need to summon a team of powerful heroes to protect your dungeons, rob treasure and take down enemies. It's time to showcase your dominance!

In this thrilling turn-based strategy RPG, travelers will need to assemble a crew of aggressive warriors, goblins, ninja assassins, knights and magical creatures to set out on a journey across imaginative lands. The gameplay offers various exciting features to make the experience even more fun.

Get ready to explore numerous battlegrounds filled with deception while defeating the most challenging enemies you come across! Unleash a team of mighty heroes, each possessing unique set of skills, weaponries and looks. You can even customize your heroes' outlook by swapping out their skins and weapons.

During the game, you can gradually collect heroes and build an unstoppable team, powerful enough to overcome epic boss battles. You can equip your heroes with rare loot earned from the daily quests, making them even more deadly and imposing.

The game also features a storyline for each hero, and you can summon new ones by collecting tokens. You can hone your skills and obtain rare loot in the Tower of Pwnage, and watch replays of PvP dungeon arena battles to come up with new strategies.

You can connect with friends and summon their best hero to fight by your side and crush your enemies. Take part in Guild play to take on and vanquish the toughest event challenges!

Boss Fight, a Netflix Game Studio, is the mind behind this fantastic game. Don't miss out on the thrilling experience, become a Netflix member and claim your victory by leading your team to supremacy!
Netflix, Inc.
Release date
May 11, 2023
Single player

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