Dump Truck: Skid Loader

Dump Truck: Skid Loader

Good Glue

Game overview

A fun and cute interactive app for Kids! Ride along on a Dump Truck towing a small bulldozer called a Skid Loader as it drives through a neighborhood. Visit various construction sites and pick up dirt, boulders and rubble by driving the Skid Loader! Then drive the loaded Dump Truck to various locations to dump the load! Use a Wrecking Ball Truck to help knock down a building, lift boulders using giant crane, and crush rubble with a gigantic masher bulldozer! A real treat for those little Dump Truck and Bulldozer enthusiasts and a great way to encourage curiosity and interaction for all. Touch the driver and he honks the horn. Touch a cloud as it passes by and it smiles and hums. The neighborhood is interactive. When your child touches people, animals, or vehicles they make sounds and perform actions. Its like a moving story book! A great way to explore the sights and sounds of a Dump Truck and a Skid Loader! *Compatible with: iPod Touch 3 & 4 generation, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 5, iPhone 6, iPhone 7 & all iPads ----------------------------------------------- *NOT Compatible with: First generation iPhone, iPhone 3G, and iPod Touch 1st & 2nd generation. ----------------------------------------------- Please check out our other fun vehicle apps for kids: ● Alphabet Truck ● Cement Truck ● Crane Truck ● Drill Truck ● Dump Truck ● Dump Truck: Skid Loader ● Fire Boat ● Fire Truck ● Fuel Tanker Truck ● Garbage Truck ● Garbage Truck: Brushy Pick Up ● Garbage Truck: Bulky Trash Pick Up ● Garbage Truck: Dumpster Pick Up ● Garbage Truck: Snow Time ● Garbage Boat ● Garbage Truck: Austin, TX ● Garbage Truck: Los Angeles, CA ● Garbage Truck: Phoenix, AZ ● Ice Cream Truck! ● Junk Truck ● Log Truck ● Mail Truck ● Milk Tanker Truck ● Oxygen Tanker Truck ● Package Delivery Truck! ● Pizza Truck ● Police Truck ● Race Car! ● Recycling Truck ● Railroad Boom Truck ● Road Roller ● Snow Plow Truck ● Street Sweeper ● Tow Truck ● Wood Chipper Truck ● Wrecking Ball Truck And our fun puzzle series: ● Good Puzzle: Bugs! ● Good Puzzle: Trucks! And our fun matching series: ● Good Match: Bugs! ● Good Match: Trucks! And our other fun apps: ● Ta Da Girls! ● Little Big Pop ABC! ● Monster Music Visit our website for more info: www.goodglue.com
Good Glue
Release date
Nov 17, 2016

Gameplay & Streams

Farming Simulator 19 - CAT 289D Skidsteer Loads Dirt Into A Dump TruckMODSGAMING.RU
SATISFYING Skid Steer Skills - loading without ramps!Southwest ORV