Dum Dum Dinos

Dum Dum Dinos

Studio Singing Crows
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Game overview

Help the Dum Dum Dinos save their homeland from tyrannical cats in this strategic narrative game featuring base building, troop deployment, and hero powers.

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Dum Dum Dinos is a captivating casual game that narrates the tale of three dinosaur comrades as they explore an unfamiliar territory ruled by overbearing felines. Utilize your astuteness to make choices, construct edifices, guide your soldiers and exploit powers to guarantee triumph and navigate back home.

This enthralling strategy game offers an array of impressive features. You can preview forthcoming predicaments and design strategies beforehand while juggling multiple combat zones at the same time. Embark on building your headquarters and create a robust army to face your adversaries. Engage in battles by deploying your troops, and get ready to witness an intense fight.

In Dum Dum Dinos, you can personalize your strategies by forming your loadout. Combine an assortment of buildings to create your own deck of cards. Depending on the situation, you can embody various characters to employ their unique abilities in combat.

Experience an interactive narrative where your choices hold the power to change the course of the game. Impact the story and gameplay by making different choices. Adapt to constantly changing environments that evolve as the game progresses.

Feel free to share your valuable feedback with us. To know more about the game, visit our website. Play Dum Dum Dinos now and embark on an epic adventure with your dinosaur friends.
Studio Singing Crows
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