Dugeundugeun Dijeoteu Kape

Dugeundugeun Dijeoteu Kape

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Game overview

Run your own dessert cafe, develop recipes, improve your farm and interior design, and dress up as a princess with friends in Happy Desserts.

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Welcome back, Boss! Today, your friends have visited the cute-style mobile management simulation nurturing game, Happy Desserts Cafe. Become the owner of the dessert cafe and operate it with the help of your cat. Plan the schedule by developing desserts, growing crops, making ingredients, and handling customer orders and cafe DIY interior design so that customers can enjoy homemade desserts. Experience realistic and fun dessert cafe management that allows you to create limited desserts and grow into a star dessert cafe! (o๏พŸโ–ฝ๏พŸ)

========Game Features========

๐ŸฐHundreds of cute desserts
Through cafe management, obtain new dessert-making methods. Make various desserts with ingredients acquired from crops and sell them to customers to feel joy and a sense of accomplishment.

๐ŸŒผReal farm experience
Harvest wheat, strawberries, and watermelons that you planted and use them to make delicious desserts to sell to your customers. Expand your farm when cafe profits increase. You will become a wealthy farmer with the increase of new crops!

๐ŸŽ€Personality-full DIY feature
Customize the cafe with DIY that suits it. Don't like the tables and chairs in the cafe? Change them to pink love tables and chairs! Customers complain that the dessert display is not pretty? Change it to a starry sky display! Want to upgrade the cafe since you earned money? Change it to a sea-themed dessert cafe! You will become the only dessert cafe in the world!

๐Ÿ‘—Princess dress coordination
If cafe management profits and reputation are high, let's dress up! Not only Sweet Princess dresses, but you can also try on the Starlight Rose Set and the Lolita Set. Dress up the cute dessert cafe princess with costumes that suit your taste!

๐Ÿ‘ญCooperate with friends in management
Play with your friends and share the experience of limited desserts acquired recently, cafe management experiences, and daily diaries. You can also create or join a cafe community and communicate with various dessert cafe owners. Share warm and sincere stories!

=======Follow Happy Desserts Cafe's official Facebook Page========

Join the throbbing Happy Desserts Cafe official Facebook fan club and receive up-to-date game-related news along with various event information quickly. If any problems arise while playing the game, please contact customer support.

โ€ปFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/Happy-Desserts-103444799144789
โ€ปOfficial Website: http://www.happydesserts.net/
โ€ปTwitter: https://twitter.com/happydessertskr
โ€ปNaver Cafe: https://cafe.naver.com/happydesserts
โ€ปCustomer Support Email: help@mobibrain.net
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