Duel School Infinite

Duel School Infinite

Genius Studio Japan Inc.
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Game overview

Uncover a strange, supernatural mystery at Takamagahara Academy and save the school with Alice, Inori, and Yue in this thrilling visual novel.

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â– Overviewâ– 

As a student at Takamagahara Academy, you possess a supernatural ability that others can only dream of. However, in a school filled with powerful students, you are considered the weakest and must keep a low profile to survive. When a mysterious apparition haunts the hallways, you must push past your limitations to solve the mystery and save the school.

â– Charactersâ– 

Alice Wales Kujo, the influential student council leader, possesses an envious power. She helps those in need and stands up against bullies. But even she is powerless against the apparition. Will you join forces with Alice, or cower in fear?

Inori Morizono is a selfless and timid student, always trying her best to help others. She looks to you for guidance and support, but troubles plague the school. Will you be there to lend a hand and provide comfort?

Yue is a curious and energetic enigma with undocumented powers. She has an insatiable appetite and refuses to speak about her past. When she asks for your help, can you trust her with her powers and mysterious background?

Explore the supernatural world of Takamagahara Academy and determine the fate of the school with your choices. Will you be the hero the school needs, or fall short with tragic consequences?
Genius Studio Japan Inc.
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