GamesDrynk: Board and Drinking Game
Drynk: Board and Drinking Game

Drynk: Board and Drinking Game

Game overview

Roll dice and complete over 40 different challenges, from snail racing to guessing games, in Drynk - the perfect drinking game, playable offline and online.

Drynk is a highly entertaining game designed for playing with friends! Take the dice, roll and experience over 40 unique challenges on the board. Whether offline or online, Drynk can be played according to your preference. This makes it the perfect game for a fun night in or to virtually meet new people online. Spice up your pre-party with Drynk's exciting, adventurous challenges before you hit the nightlife spots in town. Moreover, enjoy different themes such as Sports, Hot, and Christmas versions apart from the classic Drynk board. These offer numerous mini drinking games and add variety to the overall gameplay. Each round in Drynk (with 40 different fields) has individual tasks or challenges for players to perform. For instance, the Snail Racing task is like being at the racetrack, slower but fun. The players put forward any number of sips on one of four snails racing, and the winner's supporters get to distribute double the sips. The losers have to drink the number of sips they bet. The Follower task is exciting as the active player has to guess which of two shown celebrities has more Instagram followers. Another fun challenge included in this game is the Guessing Question task, where everyone must answer. The player whose answer is the furthest from the correct answer has to take a drink. The game also features 20 Questions, where the player must guess a celebrity picked by everyone with 20 yes or no questions. Higher or Lower is another exciting challenge where the player is shown a card, and he or she has to guess if the next card drawn will be higher or lower. Included in the lineup is the Coin Toss game, where the player decides if the virtual coin will show heads or tails. For the 'If I were you' challenge, everyone can select what the player jumping on the field must do. If he or she fails the challenge, they have to drink. The Mime game involves the player jumping on the field choosing a teammate and miming a displayed term. The Outbid challenge lets the player bid on knowledge category or physical tasks in clockwise order. The one who fails to meet their bid loses while the other performs. Drink Buddy is another game where the player jumping on the field selects a drink buddy. Whenever he or she drinks, the chosen buddy has to drink a round too. Events make the game more exciting, and some fields on the board do not necessarily contain tasks but special events that take players back or forth on the board, allowing them to skip a round, among others. Please enjoy alcohol responsibly! The game reminds us of this throughout. When a lot of alcohol has been consumed, the game recommends taking a break, and we should respect these limits. For more information on responsible drinking, visit
Release date
Dec 10, 2020
Single player

Gameplay & Streams

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