Drive Zone Online: Car Game

Drive Zone Online: Car Game

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Drive Zone Online - the ultimate car driving simulator with an endless open world, 50+ cars, and multiple game modes. Participate with up to 32 players online!

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Are you ready to hit the road and leave your tire marks on the asphalt? Welcome to Drive Zone Online - the ultimate car driving simulator. Get behind the wheel and explore the vast open world, including the "Grand Car Parking City" and its surroundings. Experience the thrill of street racing, drift racing, or drag racing. You can even invite your friends and cruise around the city together.

Drive Zone Online offers an endless open world that includes a resort coastline measuring roughly 20x20km, a city, a desert airfield, a racing track, a highway, a beach area, a port, and many other exciting locations. You can join up to 32 players online for a truly immersive multiplayer experience. Tens of kilometers of roads and hundreds of hidden bonuses are scattered throughout the map for you to discover.

The game offers an impressive selection of over 50 cars, ranging from vintage cars to supercars, SUVs and hypercars. There are over 30 body kits available for each car, including rims, bumpers, spoilers, bodykits, and liveries. You can personalize your cars with a free vinyl editor to draw your unique skin of any complexity. You can also make adjustments to the suspension and camber to improve vehicle handling and appearance. The engine and gearbox are adjustable, allowing you to overpower your rivals. Each car has a well-designed interior and engine, and all doors, hood and trunk open for added realism.

Drive Zone Online delivers excellent graphics that create a realistic and immersive picture that you can enjoy on your mobile device. The game features detailed interior design options that allow you to play in first person view and experience the game as if you were behind the wheel. The game's high performance allows you to enjoy it on various devices, with advanced graphics settings that let you customize everything to your liking.

The game offers various gameplay modes, including DRIFT mode, where you and other players compete for the most drift points, CAR RACE mode, where the goal is to cross the finish line first, avoiding any severe collisions, SKILL TEST mode where you race around insane ski jump karts, and a driving school that offers special awards after passing the test. You can earn money for new cars not only by participating in races but also by performing stunts and gaining drift points, or by selling your cars and skins to other players on the market like a real outbidding.

Are you ready to take part in the game's development and make it better? The Drive Zone Online team encourages their players to share their ideas and participate in regular contests and polls that are held on social networks. Join the community on Discord, YouTube, Instagram, and Telegram, and let your voice be heard. Help the team answer questions like, "Does the game need city traffic or police?" or "Do you like drifting and driving physics?" Drive Zone Online welcomes you to the family. Your new friends in multiplayer are waiting for you. Start your car and go beyond the horizon of the Drive Zone Online!
Jet Games FZ-LLC
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