Drill Down

Drill Down

Dakror Games
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Game overview

Build a mining factory, craft resources and products, tweak your processing chains, dig deeper and advance technology to create a computer chip. Infinite play-time.

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The challenge begins as you emerge onto the surface of a mine shaft, greeted by numerous valuable mineral deposits waiting to be mined. Your initial task is to build a rudimentary mining rig, extract resources, and haul them away via conveyor belts to your storage facility. As you amass more resources, your focus should then shift towards research and development, figuring out novel techniques and machinery. Stable progress leads to a bigger factory, intricate processing chains, and eventual expansion.

You have to delve further into the earth to discover unforeseen materials and opportunities while keeping the factory operational. Therefore, you must switch constantly, altering conveyor paths and identifying bottlenecks. You must refine and optimize your materials and goods to use advanced technology to make one of the finest products available, a computer chip.

Game features include procedurally generated world, over 100 different machines, 100 resources and products, and 30 hours (approximately) of gameplay to build your first chip. If you are looking for an infinity playtime with millions of possibilities awaiting, refine your products continuously, tweak to your heart's content, and create the perfect computer chip.
Dakror Games
Release date
Oct 14, 2019
Single player

Gameplay & Streams

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Drill down - Android - 1.75x speed - 12NnEpRiS
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