GamesDrifter: A Balloon's Adventure

Drifter: A Balloon's Adventure

Game overview

Ruby the Red Balloon dodges birds and collects wisps to light up stars, completing levels and unlocking achievements along the way.

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Embark on an adventure with Ruby, the crimson balloon, as she soars through the skies. Fly through obstacles and dodge avian dangers to complete each level and unlock achievements.

Gather Illuminated Orbs
Keep an eye out for the glittering golden orbs scattered throughout your journey. These luminous orbs aren't just aesthetically pleasing; they also have fantastic capabilities. Check your wisp meter at the top of your screen to see the number of orbs you've collected.

Illuminate Dazzling Stars
At certain points, you will come across dazzling stars that light up the sky. Using the orbs you've collected, move closer to them and brighten them even more. Remember to use your orbs carefully to make your glittery dreams come true!

Finish at the Checkpoints
When you've finished a level, three empty stars will appear. Use your star power to transform them into checkpoints. These checkpoints allow you to respawn at that point if you need to take a break or if a feathered foe bumps into you and undoes all of your progress.

Watch Out for Feathered Friends
Not all the birds are your buddies! Although some may seem friendly, they all have sharp beaks. Steer clear, or you might lose some of your headway in the game and have to start over.

Creative Directors - Paul Parolin, Zachary Muir-Vavrina
Developers - Bryan Han, Steve Reaume
Illustrator & Asset Designer - J.R Schmidt
Sound Design - Kris Ryken
Producer - Ziyad Patail
Executive Producer - Sumit Ajwani
Release date
Sep 06, 2023
Single player

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