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New rarity 8 cars and collection bonus added. Celebrate 9th anniversary with new features and modes in DRIFT SPIRITS™.

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The latest update of "DRIFT SPIRITS" is finally here and it brings some exciting features for players. The most significant addition is the introduction of the rarest car ever - the "Rarity 8" vehicle. This vehicle has even better performance than the "Rarity 7" and can offer an immersive racing experience that is unmissable. You can witness its incredible performance right after the launch.

The game also introduces a new feature called "Collection Bonus" where you can receive rewards for completing the collection in the game's library. This new feature makes collection even more fun as it multiplies your entire gaming experience.

Additionally, the game has undergone some functions, modifications, and additions that are suitable for its 9th anniversary celebration. The game now offers a better gaming experience than ever before.

"DRIFT SPIRITS" is a game where players participate in 1v1 mode drift battles to become the fastest driver. The game is designed with simple touch controls that allow everyone to enjoy an exhilarating racing experience. You can immerse yourself in the game at any time and in any place, thanks to the game's high-intensity battles. The game requires you to clear corners with elegant drifts and explode nitro powers on the straight tracks to rule the game's dystopian world. Moreover, the game features real-time communication battles and the most popular car models from both Japan and other countries.

The game has several exciting modes, including the Story Battle mode, VS Battle mode, and the Weekly Battle mode. In Story Battle mode, you have to defeat all the skilled drivers to achieve your ultimate goal. On the other hand, VS Battle mode is a 1v1 mode, where you compete against other players online. The Weekly Battle mode offers various parts as rewards on different days of the week, and the RTB mode provides options to play with friends in rooms.

Overall, "DRIFT SPIRITS" is a fast-paced racing game that continuously evolves with exciting features and content updates. If you are a fan of drift racing and fast competition, this game is an excellent choice to satisfy your racing cravings and immerse yourself in an electrifying racing experience.
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